About Terra Pluvia Irrigation

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is locally owned and operated and utilizes only the best in new, professional quality, and name brand irrigation equipment. We implement the most current installation procedures, service equipment, and techniques.

For your protection, as well as our own, we provide Worker’s Compensation Insurance and Liability Insurance coverage to limit exposure to litigation. We require no money up front in order to assure that we perform in accordance with all of the commitments that we have made to you, our clients.

Furthermore, we approach our projects professionally by:

  • Calling for the location of all utilities. (Telephone, Electric, Gas, & TV Cable)
  • Progressing through the project in an efficient and workmanlike manner.
  • Setting all sprinkler heads and valve boxes even and flush with the finished grade.
  • Water settling and packing the ditches to prevent after settling.
  • Removing and disposing of any excess debris unearthed as a result of our installation process.
  • Demonstrating the operation of the completed system, and being available for technical assistance, warranty work, and service throughout the warranty period; as well as, for the life of the system.